Take Your Wytheville Family Vacation To New Heights:

Printable Scavenger Hunt For Kids

by Kimberly Stroh

Wytheville is full of great family attractions that the kids will love. The rich history, diverse outdoor adventures, and entertainment options make Wytheville an unforgettable destination for families.

There’s no shortage of family fun in Wytheville, but there’s a way to take your trip to new heights – with this Printable Scavenger Hunt For Kids.

Print this PDF document below while you’re visiting downtown Wytheville. It’s a walking scavenger hunt that young kids can complete with the assistance of a parent.

Wytheville Kids Skeeter Dog

How To Play The Wytheville Scavenger Hunt

The best way to play the Wytheville Scavenger Hunt is to print a copy so kids can mark the items as they locate them. Start anywhere in downtown Wytheville, as all of the items can be located within a few blocks of each other.

The idea of the scavenger hunt is to keep kids engaged and it’s a way for them to be actively curious. They’ll notice murals, historical signs, and even a giant pencil (that’s probably the most obvious item to locate).

As a parent, scavenger hunts are a great opportunity to connect on vacation. You’ll notice the kids get excited as they locate items and it’s a great way to discuss how the items have meaning to the city of Wytheville.

Discuss Edith Bolling Wilson’s connection to Wytheville – that it’s her birthplace. Or even the art representation in the LOVEworks sign!

I promise that the kids will have so much fun with this scavenger hunt that they may not even realize they’re learning too!